The Maternity Ward consists of single,four-bedded and 6 bedded units with a total of 12 beds. All rooms are equipped with LCD TV, bathrooms, free Wifi Service and nurses’ call-bell system. If you are staying in a single room, you may rent a companion rest chair for your companion during the night.

Single Bedded Room
4 Bedded Room
6 Bedded Room

Deliver Room is located just behind of the maternity ward and consist of 4 delivery suites. Only husbands are allowed to accompany wife in the delivery suites.


Public waiting lounge is located in front of the Maternity Ward. A qualified midwife will assess and plan the care of you in the delivery suite. The Paediatrician will standby for delivery when required.


When Should You Be Admitted?

You are advised to go to the hospital when these signs occured;-

  • The pains (contractions at the lower abdomen) are felt regularly
  • Blood discharge from vagina
  • Water bag leaks or breaks

Admission Procedure

Upon arrival at the hospital, please register at the Customer Service counter. The nursing staff  in-charge will then assess your condition. You will be directed to the Maternity Ward at 3rd floor where the nurse will further examine you and inform the doctor of your admission.


Rooming In (Single Bedded)

Your baby may room in with you. However, when you are tired, you may request the nurse to keep the baby in the nursery. If you do not request for rooming in, the nurse will look after your baby in the nursery and bring the baby to you during feeding times.


What To Bring?

You can bring along with you some clothing, towels, socks, toiletries, nursing brassieres (if you intend to breastfeed) and set of baby clothes to dress your baby on discharge.