Establishment of  MMC

Mawar Medical Centre (MMC) is a division of Pusat Hemodialisis Mawar. It is a non-profit specialist medical centre.  
The hospital was established on 15th Jan 2008 by Dato Dr. Yeow Chai Thiam. The hospital is supported by a dedicated medical team comprising of nursing and healthcare professionals highly skillful in client care management employing the most up-to-date equipment to provide quality healthcare and treatment procedures.


The Voice Of Charity

The purpose of setting up the Mawar Medical Centre is to render medical services to the general public and its own dialysis patients. The objective of Mawar Medical Centre is to be able to help generate income to subsidize our poor and needy dialysis patients of Pusat Hemodialisis Mawar. 
Pusat Hemodialisis Mawar is a centre dedicated to bring sincere and empathetic care, love and hope to the less fortunate in the prolonging of their lives. 
It is an independent NGO and charitable organization and was set up by the founder, Dato' Dr.Yeow Chai Thiam. The opening of Pusat Hemodialisis Mawar was officiated by the Fourth Prime Minister of Malaysia, Yang Amat Berbahagia Tun Dr. Mahathir Bin Mohamad on 24th February 1997 with a mission to improve the health and quality of life of people inflicted with kidney disease.

Our Vision

To be leading institution in providing Affordable Quality Healthcare centred on patient's needs and values



Our Mission

To deliver personalised, innovative and comprehensive healthcare to patiens from all wallks of life with utmost empathy