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Mawar Building

Overview of Mawar Hospital from outsite area

Lobby Area

The view of our lobby the moment you step into MMC.

Cashier Counter

All billing issues are handled by our well trained staff.

Clinic Nurse Counter & Waiting Area

We provide a comfortable waiting area with well trained staff nurses to handle any clinical services.

Normal Clinic Room

Our normal clinic rooms are nearby too.

Pharmacy Counter

The Pharmacy provides medication information and professional advice to patients and healthcare professionals.

Specialist Clinic Area

You will be seated in a comfortable and nice environment while waiting to see the specialist.

Specialist Clinic Room

All our specialist are well prepared and to serve you better.

Registration Counter

Located in a strategic location on the ground floor, our staff are ready to serve you the moment you step into MMC.


A special area to cater to our Corporate and Insurance Customers for better services.

Fish Pond

Our beautiful fish pond might be able to provide some relaxation & health therapy 

Camelia Ward

Mother and their newborn will be specially cared for in our new maternity ward.


Have your meal in a comfortable seating atmosphere with a variety of meal choices.

Dialysis Area

Our dialysis patients are treated in a spacious and comfortable environment.

Mawar Lounge

An exclusive designed seating area for visitors to rest.

Accident & Emergency Unit

This is our new Accident & Emergency Unit and we are ready to handle any emergency case or treatment.