The dialyzer is the key to hemodialysis. The dialyzer is called the artificial kidney because it filters the blood - a job the kidneys used to do. The dialyzer is a hollow plastic tube about a foot long and three inches in diameter that contains many tiny filters.

There are two sections in the dialyzer. The section for dialysate and the section for the blood. The two sections are divided by a semipermeable membrane so that they don't mix together. 

Haemodialysis uses a special filter called a dialyser that functions as an artifical kidney to clean your blood. During treatment, your blood travels through tubes inti thew dialyser, which filters out wastes and extra water. Then the cleaned blood flows through another set of tubes back into your body. The dialyser is connected to a machine that monitors blood flow and removes wastes from the blood.

Haemodialysis is usually needed three times a week. Each treatment lasts from 3 to 5 or more hours. During treatment, patients can read, write, sleep, talk or watch TV.

PHM provides patients with high quality dialysis treatment as well as medical and rehabilitative services. Three shifts of dialysis treatment are offered daily for the convenience of our patients especially those who are employed full-time. A Kt/V of at least 1.2 is achieved in over 98% of our Haemodialysis patients.